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In the 2000s the Architects Sabrina Boffo and Antonio Marcon were enchanted by the evocative atmosphere of this corner of Tuscany.

The ancient structure “Podere Il Caglio”, composed by a main farmhouse and many outbuildings, was in a state of neglect following the expulsion of peasants from hilly areas.

Passion and research have allowed us to bring back the whole estate to its ancient splendor. Now the estate has the appearance of a small village reborn in accordance with the traditional Tuscan architectural characters.

The focus on traditional characters is not only in formal and landscaped insertion, but also in recovery, recycling and reuse of materials found on the site, such as stone, local resource retrieved from the reclamation of the land owned, reused and re-interpreted for the construction of buildings’ walls and outdoor paving.

The structure is energetically sustainable because we use wood of the place and sun’s heat for energy production.

Owners have done a green architecture project providing the exclusive use of natural materials, such as kicking or cork for insulation, respecting the ecosystem of Alta Maremma.